8 Pinterest Pointers

While Pinterest is a booming social media platform, we still get a lot of questions from our customers who are looking to start a business account. Here are some of our best Pinterest tips.

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Words to Ban from your Marketing Copy

Do you suffer from bad copywriting? Take heart, you're not the only one. Tp help you out, we've put together a list of words to ban -- immediately -- from all your marketing copy. (Your customers will thank us later.) 

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11 Signs it's Time for a New Website

Wondering if you need a new website? Here are 11 signs telling you it's time for an overhaul or at least a face lift. 

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What's With the Paper Airplane?

"So...I like it but...why the paper airplane?" is a question I've heard more than once. There are many analogies between the work we do and a paper airplane. 

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DNS is Everyone's Responsibility - Yeah, YOU!

Dear Competitors,

It's time to learn about DNS. Yeah, I understand you're probably standing in line waiting for your iPhone Plus so you can stuff it in your skinny jeans, but listen to me for two beats.


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Flirting with the Android

Roses are red, violets are blue. Switch to Android and you'll see why it sucks too. Read why.

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