Let it Go: Say Goodbye to your Outdated Website

Is your website outdated? Let's try a different question. Does your website communicate your brand, stand out from the competition, or assist in the buying process? If the answer is no, let's talk.

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The 10 Apps I Use Every Day

At last count, there were 1.3 million apps on the Google Play store and 1.2 million apps on the Apple App store. That's a whole lot of games, gadgets, and useless garbage. When I'm shopping for apps, I'm looking for game changers; those apps that become a productivity tool I use each day.

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Looking Ahead - 4 Hot Website Trends for 2015

Web design changes often. With new techniques and user preferences constantly shifting, businesses have no choice but to keep up to remain successful. Here's 4 trends that are HOT and will be through 2015.

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4 Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read

Are you a reader? There are a million good books out there with hundreds coming out every week. "The 5 Steps to a Better Business," "Marketing for Dummies," and "3 Easy Solutions to stop Employees from Facebooking at Work" are all titles we've heard (or made up) recently. Who has time anymore?

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6 Tools for Creating Your Own Graphics

You can and should create your own images. Not a graphic designer? No worries, here are six tools that make creating images simple and maybe even fun.

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Efficient Attic Systems

This site is using some of the latest trends in web design such as emphasis on typography, responsive design, large background images, scroll rather than click functionality, and flat design. A modern look and optimal video placement make the new website fresh and ready to collect leads.


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