We Are Keystone

Our purpose is to be a family of talented individuals helping organizations achieve their mission. 

Our values tell how we realize this purpose. 

  • Master the Craft

    We are master craftsmen, experts in our professions, constantly honing our skills. We maintain our expertise no matter the expectations of the world around us.

  • Make it Better

    We listen carefully, ask the right questions, display empathy, and maintain an open mind asking "What more can I do?" to meet the goal, provide the right solutions, and do the job right the first time.

  • Be Bold

    We are polite, professional, realistic, and authentic. We communicate promptly, clearly, and candidly in a respectful manner. We display a positive, helpful attitude, and maintain a healthy sense of humor when the going gets tough.

  • Share the Load

    We are loyal to our Keystone family; flexible and ready to help each other. We are ready, willing, and able to do our part to make our shared mission a reality. We treat each other as we would like to be treated.

Meet Our Team

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Founder & Principal

  • Adam Arnold

    Adam Arnold

    IT Consultant

  • Bret Scott

    Bret Scott

    IT Consultant

  • Eric Jackson

    Eric Jackson

    Founder & Principal

  • Kathryn Good

    Kathryn Good

    Marketing Director

  • Jamie Holland

    Jamie Holland

    Design & Development

  • Jason Lester

    Jason Lester

    IT Consultant

  • James Gray

    James Gray

    IT Consultant

  • Michelle See

    Michelle See

    Office Manager

  • Gretchen Owens

    Gretchen Owens

    Design & Content

  • Taylor Mullins

    Taylor Mullins

    Content Coordinator

  • Taylor Mullins

    Jason Torrence


Our Process

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Fly

Hand your marketing and technology pains off to Keystone. Our process is designed to keep you aware of developments and involved in the high level decisions, yet out of the muck and mire that comes with technology and marketing.

Marketing Technology