by Keystone

Going Mobile

Going mobile - enabling smartphone and tablet users to interact with your website - is the new hot-ness. As more and more people rely on their mobile devices to work and play, more of your website traffic will come from people on the go. So how usable is your website on an iPhone? On a tablet?

There are two tools at Keystone that we've discovered are invaluable for testing sites we're optimizing for mobile browsing:

The Responsinator


This handy little website enables you to enter your site URL in the upper left corner (there...where it says 'Enter your site') and see how your website responds when accessed via a multitude of mobile devices. (Please note that wearekeystone.com kicks major butt).

Responsive Design Test


This one is pretty simple, too. Just enter your URL and enjoy. Note that sites on certain platform (.NET comes to mind) won't show up correctly, but it's great for most.

What Next?

"What next?" (or "So what??"), you may be asking yourself. Well, if your site looks like hot garbage on a mobile platform, you have two choices. Let it continue to be a paragon of hot garbage...or get it fixed. Keystone customers on the Kentico CMS platform are lucky. If you don't want your site to look awful any more, we can fix you up with a mobile version of your site that automatically resizes and reformats to whatever device it's on! Check out these fine examples...

Contact me, Eric Jackson, for more information if you want to go mobile without looking trashy.