by Eric P. Jackson

Final Four Showdown

The Final Four is upon us, so it's an appropriate time to bring it all home in our last assessment of the Keystone March Madness brackets.

It's great to see Dr. Gregg Motz hanging on to his tenuous position as leader of the Keystone March Madness brackets and tied with Keystone alumnus and YouTube entrepreneur, Jeremy Scott. Unfortunately for Gregg, he incorrectly picked three of the final four teams...but that's not so unusual. No one picked more than two Final Four teams correctly. If Gregg and Jeremy tie, we're going to suggest a knife fight to determine the winner. Hey, it's April Fool's day...chill.

The big winner? Jennifer Johnson - win or lose - stuck with hear Big Blue heart. She's a die-hard Kentucky fan, who picked them to win it all. What seemed laughable a few weeks ago doesn't seem all that crazy now. I still don't know why they don't have any upperclassmen playing? Jennifer? A little help here?

The big loser? You could look to last place for that, but for my money, Don Ames (Hendersonville Alderman) is losing with real style. Don is currently in 9th place...and didn't pick a single Final Four team correctly. Talk about failing up! Lane Kiffin could learn a thing or two from you, Don.