Bracket Winner, Debbie Lowenthal

March Madness has come and gone and your brackets are a smoldering dumpster fire. I know this because I can see all of them. Your weakness for John Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats breaks my heart (and your brackets).

So unless you're Debbie Lowenthal of Association Resources, Inc. who trounced the field of Keystone college basketball bracketologists, you're not going to enjoy the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (in Red) any time soon. Your other option is to pay the $129 and buy one in Kentucky/Duke Blue (Yes, I know it's not the right color).

Yes, Debbie absolutely owned the "Keystone March Madness" brackets this year, missing a perfect Elite 8 by one pick, chose all Final Four teams correctly, nailed the championship match-up, unfortunately for all the Duke haters, she missed the winner along with the rest of you.

I asked Debbie,"What's your secret to success?"

"There is no secret. I have always loved college basketball, married a previous college basketball player and coach so there are coaches that I have always respected and enjoy watching their games each year. I was pretty sure Kentucky would get to final four and actually thought they would probably win, but I really like the programs and coaches for Wisconsin, Duke & Michigan State. So that is what I based my selections on."

So there you have it...avoid Kentucky. Congratulations, Debbie!