Email Marketing is Not Dead, it's Just Different

For many years the mantra of email marketing has been, the size of your list will determine your success. We value both quality and volume of list size, as well as how email marketing fits into your overall digital marketing efforts. We also want to make sure you are capitalizing and tracking your email marketing efforts and sending potential customers through the right process to become a customer. At the end of the day, gaining valuable customers is the name of the game, right?

Getting people to sign up

Consumers have SO many options of providers and companies that want them to sign up for their email lists. To compete today you need to give someone a solid reason WHY they should give their valuable email to you. This often means giving something away first, whether it be valuable content, a discount, an opportunity to win a big prize or free service, etc.

Targeting is also increasingly important. We now know that companies cannot be everything to everyone - a smaller list of qualified prospects is much more valuable than a large list of unqualified prospects who may never buy. This means knowing who your best audience is will be key. Research who your best customers are including: What they like, why they do business with you, where they come from, what their demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds are, what other companies they are attracted to, and so on. This will help you make decisions on how to market to other people that fall into your target audience and attract them to your email list.

Email inboxes have changed

Getting your email opened is more challenging because email programs have changed how they filter both spam and promotional emails differently now than in the past.

To increase your chances that your email will get filtered directly to a users main inbox and not sent through a spam or promotions filter, structure your emails as you would writing any normal email to a colleague or friend. If you are going to use and image, use one simple image as a header.

Email Structure sample:


[One image file]


Body of email goes here. Include only 1 link to an action item in the body.


Name of company
Contact information
Social links


Additionally, your emails that are opened by a user frequently will automatically end up in their main inbox. This means, if you set up any sort of auto-email system after a user signs up for your email list, make the first few emails they receive contain content they really need to open. This could include the user having to open up the email and confirm their email list or a special percentage or dollar off coupon that is valuable to the customer.

Email inboxes are crowded

People are bombarded everyday with information coming through their email inbox. As we shared before, even getting your email to the primary inbox of an account takes strategic effort.

And once your email gets to the right inbox, it still has to compete with a variety of other information vying for someone’s attention. This means putting emphasis on providing valuable content over and over again with consistency and a well-thought-out content plan and promotional campaigns, as well as special attention to email inbox subject lines will be key.

Adding in a touch of entertainment to your content is also helpful as well as diversifying the information you share via email. This increases your chances of your company email catching someone’s attention. Many people are more attracted to photos, videos, funny meme’s and other popular online content. If you can intertwine your company information with a variety of different kinds of content versus just a static email, you continue to increase your chances of attracting prospects to you and turning them into valuable customers.

Also keep in mind to reward your current customers via email by giving them a special offer or discount, or an opportunity for them to give away something to a friend as part of a referral program. Email marketing gives companies the opportunity to continue to service valuable current customers, not just recruit new ones.

While the email marketing game has changed considerably over the years, it is by no means a tactic to be ignored. In fact, those that continue their email marketing efforts can often see steady increases in their business with a solid email marketing plan that ties into their overall digital marketing and broad marketing plans.

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