by Global Administrator

5 Top Tech Stories for March

The world is always changing. Keystone follows what is going on in technology and digital marketing so you don’t have to. Here are 5 stories from March you might find interesting:

  • Twitter Turns 10: Ten years old? The social media equivalent of a misunderstood teenager is only 10?
  • The Death of Instagram for Brands: Facebook is ‘facebooking’ Instagram feeds…in other words, you won’t see everyone you follow. Learn what this means for brands and their reach on the maturing platform.
  • Better Be Mobile: If you haven’t heard the siren call of ‘mobile-friendly’ over the past three years, it’s now a full blown alert siren.
  • New from Apple: All your March 2016 Apple news on one page.
  • Skype Improvements Coming Soon: One of Skype’s biggest drawbacks for intra-office communication has been the lack of cross-platform options. Looks like it’s finally growing beyond Windows desktop.

Wonder what April will bring (besides showers, of course)? Allergies? A spike in Kleenex and Claritin sales?