The Keystone Way: Master the Craft

What is mastery? What does it mean to be a master of your craft? How is mastery measured?

At Keystone, we know mastery is a living, breathing thing that cannot be caught. Mastery is perpetually chased. The very moment you think you're at the top of your game is the time you inevitably have the opportunity to start over or learn something new.

Mike and I were having a conversation about mastery many years ago. "It would be much easier to be a doctor than an IT consultant," he said. "Huh? How's that?" I replied.

"It's easy, the human body hasn't changed substantially in 10,000 years. There will be a new version of Windows Server, Exchange, and Office next month. And the human body will be the same." Checkmate, doc.

Master the Craftmaster craft company value

Our industry never stops changing. There is no "normal." It's like Nashville weather; don't like it? Stick's about to change. The moment we think we have it all figured out, the landscape of office technology, the Internet, and marketing has morphed into something new. What worked last year is...sooo last year. The moment you decide to stop learning and simply 'work' is the moment you can point to as the beginning of the end.

For that reason, we seek continuous improvement, growth, mastery, the next big thing. Call it what you want...but if we don't change with the times and offer the products and services the business world demands, we'll be out of business.