by Taylor Mullins

March Top News

Filtering Internet Trolls

Don’t get too excited, it’s not commonplace… yet. But one Norwegian broadcaster is putting a pretty smart safeguard on their online stories’ comment section. Keyboard warriors everywhere are distressed.


Teams is Open to All Office 365 Users

One of our IT consultants delved into the comparison of Slack and Microsoft Teams a few weeks ago after Microsoft announced the widespread release of Microsoft Teams.


Samsung Puts a Halt to All Note 7’s

After the dumpster fire (no pun intended) that was the release of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has made gradual (read: fruitless) attempts at getting customers to return the recalled phone. Truly shocking, not everyone has complied. Now the remote killing ensues.


Pence Has an AOL Email

Does he also have dial-up? #feelslike98