3 Reasons Small Business Owners Love Managed IT Service

If we asked you how effective your current IT support is, what would your answer be? Do you find yourself waiting around for service technicians often? Does it seem like you are always calling support about the same annoying issue? Regardless of who your IT service provider is, if they don’t offer managed IT services, you’re at a significant disadvantage in the business world.

Here are three ways that your business can benefit from managed IT services from Keystone.

1. Decreased Costs in the Long Run

When you take your technology to a break-fix IT provider, they will assess the problem and address it in whatever way best suits the issue. However, they surely won’t take your business’s budget into account, so you might be staring at a bill that’s much larger than you anticipated.

Unlike these situations, managed IT providers offer a set rate that’s paid every month

Unlike these situations, managed IT providers offer a set rate that’s paid every month, and you receive assistance based on a service level agreement struck between you and the service provider. This means that you’ll have a predictable entry into your budget that’s static rather than ever-changing. Plus, since your network uptime and reliability would be our responsibility, you can count on Keystone’s technicians to provide reliable service.

2. Greater Ability to Adapt to Change

Your business might have only a small workforce today, but what will it look like in the next five, or even ten years? As time passes, you’ll grow your business, expand your services, and even hire new employees. Will your business model be able to sustain this type of growth? Your IT infrastructure should also be versatile enough to handle this growth, but unless you’ve built flexibility into it from the ground up, you’ll be in trouble. Scalable managed services allow your organization to grow, and expand your services as needed.

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3. Preventative Measures Limit Problems

Managed IT allows your business to save on costs in the long run by taking preventative actions against common technical troubles that organizations face. The typical break-fix IT provider benefits from your technology breaking down, and they will only be interested in fixing the present problem, not preventing it in the long run. By being proactive, you can avoid all the fallout that so often comes from technological failures. This includes downtime, hardware failure, and so much more. By limiting the problems that your organization faces, you save not only time, but precious revenue that could be better invested elsewhere.

If your business’s technology support could use a facelift, give us a call. Our trusted professionals know how to best serve your business and cater to the specifics of your technology management. To learn more about our managed IT services, get started here.