Human Bacon: A Man's Guide to Creating an Awesome Personal Brand

Bacon is awesome.

Have you ever turned down bacon? Bacon is yummy. Add it to just about anything and the anything will be improved. It is one of the few foods that can be served at ANY meal or snack and even has earned a spot on the cocktail menu (Bacon Vodka? yes, please.). Why? Because bacon is awesome. 

Written by author and speaker, Justin Foster, Human Bacon discusses personal branding and the need to be different in a sameness world. His point to Gen X'ers is clear: Put away the suspenders and evaluate your talent, style, communication skills, and authenticity (among other traits) to create an awesome personal brand. We love the book and would recommend to anyone (yes, women, too). It's an easy read, it's funny, and a little irreverent (similar to Eric? You be the judge.). Even more impressive, he's spot on in recognizing the Gen X deficiencies and offers great solutions on how to differentiate and compete with Gen Y'ers because "the Gen Y'ers are more likely to be your next investor or boss."

In his first book, Oatmeal v Bacon, Justin compares corporate brands to bacon (interesting) or oatmeal (boring). The brands that act and feel different (in a good way) are called Bacon Brands. Examples he gives are UnderArmour, Green Day, and Lululemon. The natural follow up is to focus on the people behind those incredible brands, known as Human Bacon.

We love the examples of Human Bacon he peppers throughout the book. You get a feel for how these people have influenced his life and brought him to his level of success through their baconness. He humbly admits "being fat, dumb, and poor is my natural state." Justin is a hard worker and has experienced many of the typical ups and downs of Gen X'ers. His love for his family and his passion for raising up young talent is, well, awesome. His wife, Lynna "is [his] favorite human". We've had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin a time or two and can say he is genuinely a pretty cool guy.

Are you Human Bacon?

The book offers helpful tools to evaluate your baconness. Justin tells you to look at these seven traits and give yourself a grade: talent, style, communication skills, authenticity, influence, technology, and youthfulness. Take heart, "creating a brand is less about skill and more about will." Justin encourages emotional intelligence, a fancy way of saying self-awareness, as a guide to improving and working toward a bacony personal brand.

Want to download Human Bacon? Find the Kindle version here on Amazon. To learn more about Justin Foster, his books, and his work, follow him on Twitter or meander through his website, Foster Thinking!