Transition to Office 365 Hosted Exchange

Since it’s inception Microsoft Office 365 has been making waves. Depending on your organization model you are either riding that wave or feeling it come crashing down upon you. We have had many inquiries as to the implementation of Microsoft Office 365. As our in-house Office 365 specialist and a certified Microsoft office 365 consultant, we have done our fair share of implementations. The transition to Microsoft Office 365 hosted exchange is an easy one and can be completed in fairly short order. With the right consultant (insert favorite Keystone Consultant here), you can have a smooth and easy transition to Microsoft Office 365. There are many different pieces to Microsoft Office 365, for this post we are going to focus on just the exchange piece. 

What does this mean for me, the business owner?

All good consultants (insert Keystone consultant name here) will tell you that one of the most often overlooked costs involved in a project is the cost of change. How do you quantify the costs of your employees changing their day to day processes? Saving files to a new location and changing how they store and exchange information between employees can be a challenge for some. Although it seems simple, it can often take weeks for users to change their processes. The transition to office 365 can be so seamless to the end user because little is noticed in the way of change. This makes the transition for an administrator or owner a pretty stress free ordeal. Many of our customers have been up and running the next day after making the transition that evening. Are we that good? Some have stated as much, but we attribute a lot of the credit to the tools available via office 365 and a little bit of planning. We use a combination of building scripts and 3rd party applications to migrate your email in a seamless and simple way.

The beauty of Microsoft office 365 hosted exchange is the scalability and accessibility. Internet is down at your office? No problem, your phone will still hit up the servers and you can respond to email (no weekend phone calls for users not being able to access webmail or phones syncing). The outlook web access portion of Microsoft Office 365 looks like a carbon copy of Microsoft Office Outlook 2013. Scalability! You can add mailbox users on the fly without having to procure more licenses from Microsoft. Users or features can be added as you need them. Just pay for what you use. Also, the added benefit of adding on features using the Active Directory Sync and Single Sign-on for larger organizations make the sign on process even easier.

So, does the transition make sense for you?

It depends. Most customers we have been transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 are phasing out an old exchange standard server or replacing a Microsoft Small Business Server. We have found very few situations where Microsoft Office 365 hosted exchange doesn’t work well (see ISDN internet). The flexibility of Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy for customers to scale up by starting with a few users on a temp domain and adding your existing domain later. If you are interested and want to know more click on our trial link here.

Still have questions, contact us.