What’s in a Name - a Domain Name That Is

There’s a good chance when you chose your business name, you put a lot of thought into it. This should be no different when you purchase domain names for your website. If you are thinking of a domain name to purchase for your first website or looking at buying other domain names for your business, we have created a few quick tips to consider.

Matches your brand

Does your domain name match your brand? This seems like common sense but many businesses attempt to buy domain names that are an abbreviation or a shortened version of their business name. This often happens when a business’ domain name is already taken and they want a less expensive version. If this abbreviation or shortened version of the business name does not make sense or match your brand, it can be confusing to a potential customer.

Short & easy to remember

Despite how long your business name is, your domain name for your business website should be short and easy to remember. This aids in your marketing efforts and creating a memory in your potential customers’ minds of where to go quickly to get information about your business when they are ready for your services.

.com is king

We realize there are MANY different extensions available for businesses nowadays - and this gets confusing. But for most local businesses and businesses in general, .com is still king. When you are marketing, advertising and sharing your website URL, not everyone in your potential customer base is web savvy. However, .com has now been around long enough now that it is commonly known and will be easy for your customers and potential new customers to remember.

Radio test

Does your domain name pass the radio test? By this we mean, if you were going to place an ad on the radio and someone were to only hear your domain name - would it be easy for them to pronounce and remember? When considering domain names, try saying a quick sentence to someone not as familiar with your business and see if they can repeat the domain name back to you easily. If so, you have a winner!

Related keyword domain names

Many believe buying just one domain name for your business is all you need to do. However, businesses that successfully market themselves online buy multiple domain names related to their business or industry and use them for various purposes. In efforts of being short and easy to remember (see above) think one- or two-word domain names. In addition to your company’s name as a domain name, you should also think about keywords that are related to your business or industry.

For example, let’s say you are in the furniture business and make custom tables for individuals and businesses. In addition to just your business name, also consider names such as:

  • customtables.com
  • tncustomtables.com
  • endtables.com
  • customfurniture.com
  • coffeetables.com

There’s a good chance you could purchase a good keyword domain name related to your business that already gets type-in traffic that you can forward to your main website. You can also use these domain names as landing pages with quote forms or for specific marketing campaigns! Just like anything else related to your business marketing or advertising, buying domain names for your business takes a little planning and creativity.

If you need help planning a new or updated website or domain name purchase feel free to reach out to us.