WordPress: Do You Want the Good News or Bad News First?

I've had an epiphany regarding WordPress: No matter how many horrendously bad vulnerabilities are discovered and published, people won't stop using it. Why? Because 'free.'

Yes, people are going to continue to buy stuff that is cheap regardless of whether it satisfies their needs only long enough for a green banana to turn black. We can live with that reality. We're going to accept fate and move on with our business.

And by move on with our business, I mean we're welcoming a new player on the Keystone team who knows how to fix your busted WordPress website. Come August 17th, 2015, Keystone will be able to fix that hot-garbage WordPress website built by the guy who will not respond to your calls, emails, carrier pigeons, or smoke-signals. That individual will no long hold the keys to your kingdom. We'll ride that white horse (via FTP), rescue, and fix your website.

All that being said, no, we won't build your website in WordPress. We'll fix it, but we haven't gone crazy. And at the first opportunity we'll move you to Kentico, a real CMS. And don't worry, we'll keep publishing information on WordPress security/vulnerabilities and where you can go to fix them. What you absolutely cannot count on however is that we'll publish them all. Nobody outside of the WordPress looney-bin has that kind of time.