by Keystone

July's Top Tech Stories

Here are the top stories from July that had us talking around the water cooler: 

Pok√©mon Go took over: You may scoff at Pokemon Go (I did,) but the numbers make you think “what will they do with it next?” The brand is colossal.

Amazon had its biggest day ever: Yes, it was huge. But Eric calls “every day that ends in ‘Y’ a Prime Day.”

Be careful tweeting about the Olympics: Zika, doping, sewage, corruption…and the IOC is worried about hashtags. Didn’t see this coming.

Microsoft Announces online appointment scheduling: Less email and more direct interaction with business? Sign me up, Microsoft.

More Windows updates: Well, when I was a kid and walked to school uphill both ways…we didn’t have machines telling us how to write…but I’m pretty sure I would have used one.

Pokemon Drawing