3 Signs You Need Technology Management Assistance

Your business is running as smooth as can be and everything is falling into place as you close in on a project deadline with extra time to spare. In a single moment, however, that all comes crashing down as your server experiences a fatal error, or your workstations start to run sluggishly. If your organization suffers from technology difficulties, how do you approach them?

While it’s sometimes difficult to convince yourself that you need technology assistance when everything is working properly, there are various warning signs that you can use to indicate whether or not there is a better way to manage technology. Here are just a few of them.

Your Technology Breaks Down Frequently

We know what you’re thinking--it’s obvious that you need help managing your IT when it breaks down regularly. Yet, you wouldn’t believe how many organizations there are that will simply ignore this fact in an attempt to save cash. For example, if you ignore minor issues, they could evolve into bigger problems that drain productivity and create downtime for your organization. These problems will continue to build and become more prevalent until there’s a major breakdown- one that will inevitably cost your business in both money AND precious productivity time. 

Your Budget is Becoming Less Flexible

Your technology should be a sound and quality investment, not an eternal financial thorn in your side. When you realize that you’re spending more to upkeep your current IT infrastructure than the value that it’s giving your business, you know that something’s not quite right with it. You want your technology to be an asset to your business, not a liability.

You Don’t Have an Internal IT Department

Just like you wouldn’t want your dentist performing your knee surgery, you don’t want your sales department working on your IT issues. (I can assure you even Keystone’s Marketing Team wouldn’t want to touch IT’s work and vice versa.) When issues crop up, professionals should be the ones to resolve them, not your average employees who may have other responsibilities. When employees become responsible for maintaining their own technology, they could cause further issues, but more importantly, they aren’t doing the jobs for which you’ve hired them. Let them focus on their work and let IT focus on their own.

Managed IT can be a great way to address the many problems associated with small business technology maintenance. To get started with Nashville-based IT services, reach out to Keystone today.