Episode 12 | Eclipse 2017 in Nashville

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The crew talks about their experiences with the total eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21, 2017. ‚Äč

Jamie Holland | It was fine. He watched with his wife at her office. 

Gretchen Owens | Gretchen watched with her family on the roof of her house. Nobody was harmed. 

Eric Jackson | Yes, there were some interesting sounds at the party I attended. You can see the NASA coverage of the eclipse on Facebook Live. Scrub the video to 2:44:00 (two hours, 44 minutes) to hear the reaction to "totality." 

Kathryn Good | Kathryn watched the eclipse with family, friends, and neighbors. Kids were screaming. Kathryn mentions Popcast, a podcast from New York Times music critics. Later in the podcast, Kathryn makes a Uranus joke. 

Taylor Veal | Taylor saved a man from potential blindness. 

Jason Torrence | Jason watched from Bell's Bend; missing totality by refusing to look for fear of blindness, the International Space Station photobombing NASA, crescent and snake shadows, East Nasty misses out due to clouds...

LIGHTNING ROUND:  Another week off...we wanted to concentrate on the eclipse!