Summer Fun From the Keystone Office

We’re fortunate at Keystone to have a close-knit working family, so when our office friends sporadically disappear and reappear over the summer, we always wonder what the heck they’ve been up to! Here’s what our coworkers have had to say about their adventurous (or not so much) summers of 2017:

Jason Lester | Euro-traveler

We visited Venice, Paris, London, Glasgow, Inverness, and Edinburgh while we were in Europe. My wife, Abby, had just finished her final clinical rotation which happened to be in Italy, so I flew over after she was done. We spent about 3 or 4 nights in each place and traveled mostly by train between locations. Abby’s favorite was Paris, but my favorite was a small town in Scotland named Luss that is just north of Glasgow. The trip was quite amazing being my first time out of the country. I was not a fan of the first 2 locations since it was so hot and the English language is not very clear to those that speak it as a second language. London was great and we had a great time; it was a good bit cooler in London so it made the 8 or 9 miles we were walking each day more bearable. I hate U.S. customs when flying back in. (Just throwing that in there)

Eric Jackson | Being a heat-hating hermit

I’ve spent the summer playing the drums like fiend and avoiding heat in my cool basement.

Brett Scott | Is simultaneously the oldest and most athletic person in the office

I participated in my first triathlon, the Music City Triathlon, on June 23. Didn’t really know what to expect, but now I’m hooked! I’ll admit, I had some anxiety leading up to race day because the swim was an open water swim in the Cumberland. I had not done much swimming prior to the race, so knowing I would not be able to stand up or grab something to catch some rest caused a couple of restless nights. The swim went better than expected and I learned a lot about racing a triathlon (like not using a mountain bike for the cycle portion of the race; I was the only one). Overall, it was an awesome event and I have signed up for another one in August!

Gretchen Owens | Always hanging out with the coolest family

Visiting Fall Creek Falls State Park each summer has been a tradition in our family for over 24 years. This summer we had 75 family members come and stay over the July 4th holiday. During this glorified family reunion, we hang out together for a full week and enjoy hiking, fishing, canoeing, swimming, playing lots of card games, and eating a lot of great food, including chocolate gravy for breakfast.


Jason Torrence | Part-time music groupie, full-time cool dad

I worked remotely while on tour playing drums for Zach Vinson (, hung out with my wife, and watched daughter Helen learn to walk.

Adam Arnold | Becomes a circus ringleader aka Proud Papa of FOUR boys

I think having four kids puts you into a niche place where you and your family are almost a mobile zoo. Folks walk by and say ‘WOW! look at that’. But no one ever wants to get too close for fear of losing a limb… We love every bit of it!

Taylor Veal | Same employee, new last name

I got hitched! It was a beautiful, perfect, wonderful day that I wish I could relive over on-command. We honeymooned in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it was incredible. I would highly recommend it to anyone wondering. There are several resorts around the area, but we stayed at the adult-only, all-inclusive Excellence Punta Cana and it was top notch. Drink a Coco Loco and tell our favorite waiter, Del Vinson, we said hi!

Punta Cana

Jamie Holland | Catch him on HGTV

I remodeled a house for 10 months, learned a lot about dealing with sub-contractors and making lots of decisions (and purchases). Went on vacation to 30A and chatted up some locals to learn about new restaurants.

Editor’s note: After a little prying, we discovered these hidden local gems were Chanticleer Eatery and Pho Pier 77.

James Gray | Power of being patriotic

I spent my 4th of July down on Broadway and watched the amazing fireworks show. It was perhaps the best fireworks show I have ever seen. The Nashville Symphony performed during the show as well which made the experience even more exciting. It really put me in a patriotic mood and made me thankful to live in such a wonderful country.

Kathryn Good | Swimming and serving, from Hilton Head to Haiti

Summer 2017 took the Good family to Hilton Head and Haiti. Hilton Head was spent eating, lounging, swimming, biking, and playing games with family. In Haiti, we had opportunities to both serve Haiti’s people and see its beauty. It was a blessing to go with The KORE Foundation, along with four other couples and their children. Ready to head back to school and into fall feeling refreshed and grateful for summer memories.