Episode 11 | How to Wear an Ikea Rug and Look Like a King

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The crew talks about Jon Snow's Ikea attire, spotting fake Amazon reviews, real estate in the Nashville "Area," typewriter art in the '50s, Adulting, Snake People, and Pat Sajak.

Gretchen Owens | Jon Snow, King of Ikea

Kathryn Good | FakeSpot.com - spot those fake reviews on Amazon

Jamie Holland | Nashville Area real estate is HOT! 

Jason Torrence | typewriter art in the '50s:  boondoggling 1, boondoggling 2

Taylor Veal | Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

Eric Jackson | Millennials to Snake People Chrome extension. Pat Sajak's speech, "You Are Not Generation Z" (I linked to the meat of the address.) 

Did this episode begin and end abruptly? Yes it did. 

LIGHTNING ROUND:  We took a week off...we had meetings to get to!!