Key Question: What is headless CMS?

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed Headless CMS (content management system) on our Stupid+Contagious podcast. 

Listen: Stupid+Contagious Episode 9: The Ride of the Headless CMS

At Keystone, we are held to a standard by our core values. One of those values is “Make it Better.” In learning more about Headless CMS, we’re all working together to see how this technology can “Make it Better” for our clients.

What is Headless CMS?

A headless CMS, in layman’s terms, is a system that allows a simple management interface for users to add content but provides developers an API to access information. This solution allows the same information to be displayed over a variety of different settings. These settings can be anything from smartphone apps to our made-up dream platform for kids’ education form info. 

“The idea of the headless CMS is that sometimes you like the way the CMS works… you might really like logging in and the way you can easily upload a blog post, but you don’t like being restricted on the front end on how it looks when you go online... ”
-Jason Torrence, Keystone Developer


Benefits of a Headless CMS

Some benefits of using a Headless CMS include:

  • Content-first approach: Content production can start sooner rather than later when you go headless. This means that content editors and developers can work simultaneously to get a project done more quickly and efficiently.
  • Omni-channel experience: In today’s world, it more important than ever to provide a seamless transition and experience across multiple channels. A headless CMS allows the user to produce content once, and then publish to websites, apps, social media, smart watches, etc. 
  • Choose your development framework:  In the words of Jason Torrence:
    “All it is, the idea is that you’re taking the CMS content, but when you pull it out, you’re only pulling out the raw data. So, you can display it in whatever; it doesn’t have to have… containers. So I could use a JavaScript framework to display it on the front-end.” - Jason Torrence

Migrating to new systems takes time, and can sometimes be a daunting task. If you need help choosing a CMS that’s right for your company, give us a shout. We've been on the Nashville web development scene for over a decade, and we're always ready to talk about a new project.