Inbound Marketing is The Future

"The future of advertising mail." Those words were uttered in a simpler time by my favorite advertising professor at the University of Tennessee, Mr. DeForrest Jackson (no relation). This morning I learned of his passing one month ago. This occasion caused me to consider the more timeless lessons I learned under his tutelage.

First among those lessons was his insistence that we learn to understand how other people think and make decisions without allowing our own prejudices to cloud that understanding. It's the first step to "know your market." It requires you to get uncomfortable. It requires diligent research and thought. If you don't understand the people with whom you communicate, you're doomed to fail as a marketer.

Many in the business world today still cling to the desperate hope that search engine optimization - packing their website pages with keywords and phrases - will deliver traffic, praying that traffic also happens to be their target market.

If this is you, please let me be the first to tell you: that plan is death.

There is a new breed of website replacing "SEO" that is designed specifically to attract qualified prospective customers to your business. Inbound Marketing uses blogs, video, podcasts, ebooks, whitepapers, social media...even attract prospective customers in need of your services and simultaneously demonstrate your expertise to those prospects.

The downside for you is that it takes effort. The good news is that you can pay Keystone to build your Inbound Marketing plan and execute it. Your choice; learn a new profession or pay professionals...or watch your marketing efforts die a slow, painful death. Should you choose to go the direct mail route, just know that DeForrest Jackson would support you. If it were still 1989.