6 Tools for Creating Your Own Graphics

If you write blog posts or post on social media for your business, chances are you often find yourself searching for the perfect image. So you search Google and find an image, but are you sure it is legal to use it? Or maybe you find a great image, but you'll have to pay a pretty penny to use it. To get around expense and possible legal action, you can and should create your own images. Not a graphic designer? No worries, here are six tools that make creating images simple and maybe even fun.

  1. Canva. Use preset dimensions and templates to create social media graphics, posters, cards and more. You can also set custom dimensions, upload your own photos and add text. Once you use this once, you’ll be creating all kinds of graphics. Kind of addicting. Canva offers several classes to get you up to speed quickly.
  2. Pixlr-O-Matic. Want that Instagram look on a picture that isn’t on your phone? Upload it to Pixlr-O-matic and apply a filter. Applying a filter is an easy way to add interest to a regular ol’ photo.
  3. PicMonkey. This popular tool lets you edit photos, add text, graphics and more. Lots of people use this easy site.
  4. ReciteThis. Quotes are a fan favorite on social media. Find a quote that means something to your business or customers, type it in recitethis, and see what the quote looks like in various designs. QuotesCover is another quotes tool that gives you more customization options. it’s a little more complicated, but the design enhancements might make it worth the learning curve.
  5. Picktochart. If you have numbers that you can report, an infographic might be just the graphic you need. They can be intimidating, but Picktochart gives you a few editable free templates. Pretty awesome tool. It also has a presentations tool. 
  6. Over. If you are posting images from your phone to your business social media accounts, you'll probably need something quick and easy. We love the Over app for adding text and graphics to your images.

There you go. Keep this list handy for the next time you need a quick image.