Let it Go: Say Goodbye to your Outdated Website

Is your website helping to build your brand and increase your revenue? If not, it’s time to take a look and see if your website is causing more harm than good with its outdated features.

First there are a few key questions to ask:

  • Does your website portray your brand and your benefits effectively?
  • Does your website communicate how your brand stands out from the competition?
  • Does your website assist in the buying process, effectively communicating important information?

If the answer is “no” to any of the questions above - - chances are you have an outdated site. It’s time to let it go and start by updating the outdated elements of your site:

Let it go: Old Content

The first sign your website is outdated is that of dated content. For example, take a look at your copyright date and your last blog entry date – are they current? If not, your website is automatically deemed as obsolete and your visitors are moving on to the competition. Change your copyright date immediately and every year from this point forward.

Tip: Blog a few times each week – even if it means you need to hire a freelance blogger to assist you. This keeps you relevant and up-to-date in the minds of your prospects.

Let it go: Flash Intro

Let’s face it – flash intros are annoying and they take too long to load. More importantly, flash elements are not recognized by Google, which in the end harms your SEO results. Did I mention, flash doesn't work on Apple devices? Sounds like a lose/lose/LOSE situation. Do you really want your prospect or customer’s first impression of your brand to be that of frustration?

Tip: Replace any flash you have immediately. Eliminate these elements and watch your website rise to the top.

Let it go: Stock Images

Trust is huge in the buying experience. Your prospects want to connect with your brand and with you – really, they do. It’s time to be real. Don’t risk being another “stock photo” user or even worse, don’t risk using the same stock photos your competition is using - - you aren’t fooling your prospects anymore.

Tip: Instead of using stock photos, host a photo shoot of your team or customers. Being authentic is key.

Let it go: Autoplay – Audio or Video

Audio and video can be crucial parts of a fantastic website, but they should not play automatically – it’s unprofessional. Let your prospect decide if they want to listen to or watch your clip. Autoplay actually has been found to increase the percentage of exits from your site. Don’t scare away your prospects before they even start – turn the autoplay feature off - - immediately.

Tip: Encourage that the audio or video be started by an action initiated by the prospect after they reach your page, rather than requiring that it be stopped by an action after they land on the page.

Let it go: Separate Mobile Version

Most web designers now focus on responsive design versus designing a mobile version of the full website. With more people than ever using smartphones, mobile users seek the full experience of your website - - not a scaled down version with limited access. Do you still have a separate mobile version of your current website? If so, it’s time to ditch it and move to responsive design.

Tip: Most cutting edge designers are even creating websites using a mobile-first design - - moving desktop design to second in priority.