Looking Ahead - 4 Hot Website Trends for 2015

As we close 2014 with a bang – we begin to look ahead to the hottest trends in web design for 2015. Web design is a critical piece in transforming your business. Pay close attention to these trends, better yet take steps to incorporate them immediately and you are sure to stand out from your competition.

Here are the website design trends we are excited to see in 2015:


And we mean EVERYTHING – images, icons and typography. It’s time to make them bigger. Images have always been key in expressing your story on your website. An image is easier to digest and we all know a powerful image is worth a thousand words. Graphic appeal will be at its strongest in 2015 and is one of the simplest ways to make your website stand out - shifting the manner in which your company communicates their story.

Tip: Enhance your images by using a large text overlay with rich typography. 
Example: Hatching Hope 

Background Videos

Looping background videos on your homepage is something to try in 2015. Thanks to HTML5 you can add impressive videos to enhance the user experience as well as help you tell your story. Of course, as with any of these trends you can fail when adding just ANY video to your site. Focus on enhancing the company story and you will be golden. Videos can provide an inspiring feeling – encouraging your visitors to stay connected and learn more. Thanks to modern technology, especially smart phones, making and editing a video can be easier than you think.

Tip: Make sure your background video is set to the full width of your homepage for maximum benefit.
Example: Coming Soon!

Design With a Purpose – User Interface

User experience is top of mind in 2015. Are your web visitors able to find what they need or are they clicking in frustration away from your website? Investing in user interface (UI) is the name of the game, especially with the increase of mobile use. Websites will be designed with a simple purpose – to convert leads and to be an easy to use site where users can gather information as quickly as possible. As mobile use exceeds that of desktop, users are more comfortable with a simple website interface. This evolution of investing in user interface is forcing companies to streamline and simplify - and that’s exactly what users crave.

Tip: Design for mobile first and let the desktop experience be just as simple.
Example: Bluegrass Beverages (we've shown the mobile version of this site as more traffic comes from mobile than desktop! The user gets the most important information up front - location, phone number, and tap list!)

More Scrolling, Less Clicking

Again mobile is setting the stage for the website trends of 2015 – more mobile usage automatically means more scrolling. Scrolling is user-friendly, as opposed to clicking through several pages and waiting for them to load on your mobile device. Websites designed with a single-page format that involve scrolling vs. clicking are increasing, allowing users to consume content quickly and effortlessly. Think about it - how many clicks does it take to get to the most important piece of content on your website currently?

Tip: With parallax scrolling (scrolling wherein background images move slower than foreground images) you can use subtle animations and cool visual effects to tell your story.
Example: Gulch Crossing

In conclusion, website design that focuses on how users consume information will be the star of the show in 2015. Have you implemented any of these design elements on your website in preparation for the New Year?