Best Blogs of 2015

Keystone tries hard to put out several articles per month to answer questions, offer tips or just be our typical funny and/or sarcastic selves. Here are our most popular blogs in 2015. 

January -  Where to Find Free Images

A listing of our favorite places to find or make images for social media

February - Google Apps vs. Office 365

Which is right for your business? The bigger question is whether or not you like Outlook. 

March - Let it Go: End of Life for Computer Hardware

Microsoft set July 14, 2015 as the date they will no longer support Windows Server 2003.

April - Support Terrorism and Hackers for FREE

A very sarcastic article about Eric's favorite (or least favorite) topic - WordPress. 

May: Phone Scam Alert - The US Treasury is not going to call you. 

An example of a scam phone call that Mike Miller received. 

June: Nonprofit Website Checklist

A handy checklist for nonprofits wondering about their websites

July: 6 Reasons an IT Consultant is Essential

Six purposes of an IT consultant and what they bring to your business.

August: The Spear Phishing Wire Transfer

Details on spear phishing scams and why they are working

September: 5 Things to Improve Your Local SEO

We heard a lot of local SEO this year. Here are few things to know. 

October: Web Design Trends Coming in 2016

Web design trends change each year. Here's our prediction of what we'll see in 2016.

November: Digital Marketing Year-End Checklist

What do you want to do differently in your marketing in 2016? Answer these questions and start brainstorming. 

December: The Art of Being Loved

"If we're honest with ourselves, all we really want at our core is to love and be loved." Gretchen Owens, a Keystone employee, lost her brother unexpectedly and far too soon in December. He loved well, and we grieve with Gretchen and her family. 

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