End of Year IT Maintenance Checklist

All companies, from start-ups to big corporations, will find great value in taking the time to complete end of year IT maintenance. These crucial, yet simple IT maintenance tasks will also often help you to review and reevaluate your internal IT process and system use. Before you start, it’s always good to know why you are performing this type of maintenance. There are 3 core benefits:

  • Overall system performance improvement (Just what you have been needing.)
  • Future IT costs can be minimized (Always awesome to cut future costs!)
  • Future IT labor can be maximized (Score!)

Now, what are you waiting for . . . Get started with this IT End of Year Maintenance Checklist.

  • Check your Backups. Are your backups working properly? When is the last time you backed up your files? This really should be done daily, but what better way to end the year than feeling the relief and peace of mind that your files are actually backed up safely. If they aren’t working, don’t worry we can help you.
  • Backup to the cloud. While we are talking about backups have you started backing your files up to the cloud. It gives you that extra peace of mind to know your files are stored in Cyber space in addition to the local backup we know you are doing :).  
  • Tighten up your internet filter. We are not talking about your content (though you should probably start filtering that). You need to be sure your internet filter is blocking some of the bad stuff out there that can lead to infections for you and your staff. End of the year is a great time to be sure you are blocking/allowing the right sites to work and keep you safe online.
  • Organize your email. You have been busy all year and it is time to sort that business into its place. Now is as a good of a time as any to put all the emails from Jones into the Jones folder. You’ve been putting it off and it is time to get your email sorted and organized for 2016.
  • Act on those dreaded updates that you’ve been putting off. All applications and drivers are given updates for a reason. It is crucial to keep all of your programs up to date. Another crucial step to optimizing your system performance.
  • Check on your security. While you are running those updates, don’t forget to make sure your security software is up to date, too. Today’s infections are nasty business and can lead to a lot of heartache. Staying up to date on security software is a great way to help avoid those infections.
  • Review your inventory. Do you have systems that you no longer use or are not working properly? Create a list of these items and evaluate strategy around using these items in the future. Do they need to be disposed of? Updated? Replaced?
  • Create a wish list. While you are in the deep IT trenches, keep a list of the items you think would help your IT processes in the New Year. New programs? Different set-up – maybe dual screens are needed? Need more security? Remote Access? Worried about the risk of data loss?

If you need help with any of these tasks, Keystone is here to help. Submit a HelpDesk ticket or contact us and you will be on your way to a cleaner, more productive and happier systems in 2016.