New Year, New Keystone, New You

The world is ever-changing. A quick drive (depending on the time of day) through Nashville to observe our new official bird/tree, the noble Construction Crane, will illustrate that fact. If your company is anything like Keystone, you're not in the market to spend a few million dollars to emblazon one of Nashville's new office buildings, arena, or stadium with your company's name. 

Since we're not Nissan, Bridgestone, Raymond James, or another multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, we decided that the logical thing to do is build a new website. And we didn't just build ANY website for ourselves; we built one based on our own advice and running on Kentico CMS (of course.) Check out the new, gracious, and lovely

Yes, we checked every box on the "Website Design Trends Coming in 2016" blog post because we eat our own dog food. If you're working on business planning for 2016, surely you're working on your marketing plan and that tired old website? Well, before it's too late, you'd better be. The trends are real, and they exist for a reason. People are looking for faster, more visual websites with REAL content that works on mobile devices (responsive). Simple descriptions of what you do backed up with real world examples (a blog) that also - oddly enough - help you generate more qualified traffic (SEO, anyone?) to your website. Those are the people who want to do business with you! 

Ready to get started? Prepare to take off...complete the free website audit form and let's prepare for your flight.