The Art of Being Loved

"The best things in life are free," my 9th grade physical science teacher told us. "Uh, whatever old man. Camaros and tickets to see Rush at Municipal Auditorium are not free," I said under my breath.

Turns out, Mr. Brinkley was right. If we're honest with ourselves, all we really want at our core is to love and be loved. Keystone's Gretchen Owens knows the best things in life. This week, Gretchen's brother, Brad Wells, passed away unexpectedly. He leaves behind a wife, two small children, and a family that loved him beyond words. Our hearts break for Gretchen and her family. 

Brad was an overwhelming force of love in the life of his family and church community. Reading the words of love and support on Facebook, posted by so many, you can't help but like and respect the guy...even if you haven't met him. If he was anything like Gretchen, I like him. 

We wanted to do something to support Gretchen in her time of grief, and we hope you will too. We've created a website - - where you can make a donation in lieu of flowers. Donations will fund his children's education fund. In return, you can choose a digital print, created by Brad, and suitable for print and framing. More art and larger prints will be added in the future.