Top Social Media Campaigns of 2015

We all hope to hit social media gold at some point. It means more impressions, higher traffic and an overall boost in sales for the brands we represent. 

What makes a great campaign? Engagement. How many impressions can you reach? How many shares, comments, and likes can you create? And in turn, how can you measurably increase brand awareness and revenue or donations in the case of nonprofits. See how some of the most powerful brands were successful on social media in 2015.

P&G for the Always brand

Proctor and Gamble definitely knows their target audience. Using the hashtag #likeagirl, they encouraged women and girls to “act like a girl” in everything, aiming to change the public perception of what the phrase really means. Videos went viral portraying toughness and grit as well as grace and beauty. With this campaign, they encouraged women to embrace their femininity and "act like a girl."

The ad P&G produced become the most watch ad in P&G history with over 76 million views. They also earned over 250 million impressions. Success!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell was one of the early adopters of Snapchat with over 200,000 friends and is still making a splash in 2015. It’s the perfect platform for their target audience as Snapchat is up to about 30 million young users. For Valentine’s Day in 2015, Taco Bell sent snaps intended to be shared with loved ones. The clever, silly and interactive campaign gave users simple instructions on how to share the cards to other snapchatters!


The results are a little sketchy as Snapchats reporting capabilities aren’t up to par with other social platforms. But, we can be sure that users had fun! Another successful campaign.




Sometimes all it takes is seeing a concept work, then building momentum. The marketing geniuses at Toms saw that Instagramers liked to take photos of their shoeless feet (why, we really don’t know). But they noticed. And they did something to make it work for them. If you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know about Toms, they are super comfy shoes with a mission. Toms donates a pair of shoes for every pair they sell, which is a pretty hefty promise. This particular campaign using the hashtag #withoutshoes encouraged fans to photograph their bare feet. In exchange, Toms would donate a pair of shoes for every post! 

The campaign resulted in 296,243 pairs of shoes donated. Whoa - talk about success!


HP recently split into two companies. Big deal for their employees and stockholders, not so much for consumers. But HP is taking it very seriously and reinventing the consumer side of the company by specifically appealing to those 18 to 34-year-olds who are making IT decisions both in corporate America and at home.

There are actually a few campaigns to pay attention to here:

1. #BendTheRules was a campaign focused on the social media platform, Vine. Instead of simply producing a video and buying ad space on the platform, they engaged with Vine celebrities and paid them to produce content. Millennials like to bend the rules, color outside the lines, and test the boundaries and this campaign allowed these Viners to do just that while promoting HP at the same time.

2. #KeepReinventing challenges this same target market to be creative and to view HP differently. Is HP just an office supply company? Not anymore.

3. #AwakenYourForce obviously plays on the Star Wars craziness. Like Toms, they are piggybacking on a trend, a very popular trend. For this campaign, they did, in fact, produce an ad which was pretty cool.

One particular video on Vine by Robby Ayala has received over 250,000 views and more than 7,000 comments!

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)


Nonprofits are putting out great campaigns too. World Wildlife Fund took advantage of Snapchat’s platform by creating images of endangered animals. The posts used the hashtag #lastselfie and disappeared after 10 seconds showing how animals are ‘disappearing’ at an alarming rate.

The campaign resulted in a sharp increase in donations for the nonprofit. 

There were so many brilliant social campaigns this year. Brands really stepped it up and brought their best to 2015 and we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings! Keep your eyes open!