by Eric P. Jackson

November News

Here's the top (or our favorite) technology and marketing news from November 2016. 

Microsoft Teams

Everybody wants to put a stake in the heart of email. Face it:  interoffice email is a nightmarish way to communicate with a team. Slack, Facebook, and now Microsoft have entered the fray. Are you using non-email technology to facilitate team communication? 

Political Twitterverse, Facebook Fake News and Politics

Many of us had limited sources for news a few short years ago. Now it seems everybody is in the game, even ‘bots’ and eastern European fake news machines. Putting the toothpaste back in the tube is not going to be easy for Facebook and Twitter now that sharing is commonplace…but the truth behind the posts is questionable at best. 

Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday

Cyber Monday sales and Giving Tuesday contributions were up big in 2016. What was your plan and how did it work? To paraphrase an old adage, “you either have a plan or you’re part of someone else’s plan.”  

Instagram Goes Live

New Instagram features for everybody!!









Eric is a big fan of the Tennessee Vols AND Fake Bo Pelini on Twitter. Bo Pelini is the former head football coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The fake Pelini has over 314,000 followers on Twitter and is always good for some nonsensical fun during sporting events. So when it was announced that Tennessee and Nebraska would play in the Music City Bowl, the fun started quickly.