Outwitting the Devil

What debilitating thoughts go through your head on a daily basis? Do you often doubt your abilities? Do you hear that voice telling you that you're just not good enough? Or maybe that you simply "can't" do something you need to accomplish? I'd bet just about everyone hears that voice at some point, many of us on a daily basis.

In the 1930s, at the height of the Depression, Napoleon Hill wrote one of the cornerstone books of personal success, Think and Grow Rich, a classic even today. He followed up it up with Outwitting The Devil, The Secret to Freedom and Success. Outwitting the Devil was written in 1938, but only recently published in 2001.

Why? His wife was terrified the ideas presented in Outwitting the Devil would cause them to be ostracized. Much of Hill's philosophy revealed in Outwitting the Devil builds on Think and Grow Rich, but far more outspoken about the role of "The Devil" in the world. Only through an unlikely series of events did the book ever see the light of day.

I won't go into the many ideas presented in Hill's philosophy. I'll leave that to you to discover and generate your own opinions...and I highly recommend you read or listen to the audiobook. What I found compelling is the idea of Hill interviewing The Devil. The audio book (minus the annoyance of Sharon Lechter chiming in regularly) is compelling because the interview is portrayed by two voice actors, adding even more drama to the worldview Hill presents with the aid of The Devil.

Whether Hill's version of The Devil is real or not isn't the point of the book. The self-destructive habits and actions we all exhibit from time to time are clearly illustrated in Hill's philosophy. A positive outlook and plan for success is something we can all use...and Outwitting the Devil is an excellent foundation for waking up your "other self."