Local SEO - When Your Business Moves

Keystone moved offices in December 2015. When we did, we had to take precautions to make sure we didn't lose our search engine rankings and keep our profiles up to date. Here are the steps we took:

  • Update the website. As soon as we were in the building, we updated the website address. This included:
  • Search your address on Google Maps. If the previous business shows up, recommend an edit that that business has closed.  Don’t create a new listing for your business, just let Google know that the previous business has been closed.
  • Update your address on your Google Business page. You may have to re-verify your business. We also recommend adding new photos of the inside and outside of the new building. If you don’t have a Google Business page, set one up now with the new address.
  • Add the new embedded map from your Google Business page to your website’s contact page.
  • Update Bing business page.
  • Update other major platforms such as Facebook, Yelp or any other platform that you use for reviews or customer information.
  • Consider using a service to help you update all smaller directories. We used Yext, which will cover all the basics plus niche listings for your industry. It’s expensive but can be worth it to make sure everything is up to date. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, Moz Local is also an option. 
  • Test your driving directions. Put in the name of your business on Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. Make sure these major map providers are finding your correction location.

There is a lot to manage when moving an office. Keystone knows; we are still trying to purchase lobby furniture and hang pictures almost a year later. But updating your address online is not something you want to miss. It’s how people find your mailing address and directions to your office. Please let Keystone know if we can assist with any of the steps above.