3 Key Elements to a Perfect Logo

Your company’s most valuable asset is its logo. It identifies your brand in its simplest form and is critical in building trust in the minds of your target audience. With a quick look of your logo, it needs to grab attention and display what sets you apart that makes you unique.

Your logo needs to convey:

  • what you do
  • who your target audience is
  • credibility

Design your logo to do just that by combining these key elements:


Use a single object or piece of typography that is straightforward and easy to understand. Designing a simple logo allows for easy recognition and creates a memorable experience immediately.


Colors become directly connected with your brand and company. Color evokes different emotions within your target audience, so it’s critical to choose a color that best embodies the values of your company. To assist in choosing the perfect color scheme, The Logo Company published an infographic displaying The Psychology of Color in Logo Design. Here’s a summary of colors and the emotions tied to them:

  • Red: energetic, sexy, bold
  • Orange: creative, friendly, youthful
  • Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism
  • Green: growth, organic, instructional
  • Blue: professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy
  • Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative
  • Black: credible and powerful
  • White: simple, clean, pure
  • Pink: fun and flirty
  • Brown: rural, historical, steady


Use clean lines and shapes to allow for easy brand identification. The most basic shapes – circles, triangles and squares can be the most effective. Like color, shapes have meaning, too.

  • Circles: protective, positive, feminine
  • Triangles: power, action, masculine
  • Square: stability, balance, strength

Don’t forget one final element of logo design – magic! This takes your logo from ordinary to renowned. When everything comes together – you’ll know it because you’ll love it. Your logo will be on its way to building brand loyalty right away.