Google Apps Vs. Office 365

Two of the most common cloud based email systems we encounter these days are Google Apps email and Office 365 Hosted Exchange. To be honest, I like them both. They certainly have their place and their own enthusiasts. However, the real question is which of these is right for your business? There are big debates here, and I think the easiest way to settle it for our customer is by asking one simple question.

Question: Do you like to use Outlook?

Answer: Yes, I like Outlook. 
Your product of choice should be Office 365.

Answer: No, I don’t like Outlook. 
Gmail/Google Apps or Office 365 Hosted Exchange will work just fine for you.

Office 365 syncs seamlessly with Outlook, the server and your mobile devices. The issue with Google Apps is that it requires an application to run that will do the syncing for you. We just aren’t a fan of anything that requires you to create FrankenWindows in order to synchronize your email. If you use Outlook, we recommend Office 365 plain and simple. If you don’t use Outlook, the cloud is the limit with web-based email applications and their platforms.

If you want to discuss how your office can make the transition to Office 365, Keystone has certified consultants that can assist you in the planning process to make your transition as seamless as possible.