Welcoming Jason Torrence and James Gray to Keystone

Keystone is very excited to introduce our newest employees, Jason and James! Each brings a unique dynamic and experience to our team.

Jason Torrence


Jason Torrence is Keystone’s newest Web Team member, bringing his expertise of WordPress and other development systems. He specializes in front-end development, using WordPress as a customized back-end. Jason has also done projects with Laravel framework and EmberJS. We’re excited to have Jason on the team!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, obv.

Sports Team: Go Vols

Vacation spot: Prague

Other interesting fact: I used to be good at riding bikes, but now I have a daughter, which is a pretty good trade-off.

James Gray


James comes to Keystone as an IT Consultant. Before Keystone, James worked at a helpdesk at Dell and Boeing as a universal IT agent. As a continuous learner, James is also taking online courses at SNHU to get his BS in Cyber Security. Keystone is very lucky to have James and his knowledge on our team!

Favorite Dessert: ALL!!!!

Hidden Talent: I can play the trombone.

Favorite Airplane: The kind that doesn’t crash…

Other interesting fact: I am married and have two amazing dogs, Axel and Beau, who are my fur babies.