IT and your operating budget - how much is enough?

Every business struggles with budgeting; you are not alone. Budgeting for IT is even tougher for small businesses. Many small business owners view their office technology as a necessary evil, akin to paying taxes. But does the "I'll buy the cheapest thing I can get my hands on" IT philosophy really work?

Any good IT consulting firm will review the operations of your organization, technology needs for each area, and business (and technology) strategy in the future. Your business strategy may involve growth and other initiatives that will rely heavily on new technology. The trick for you is to hire a partner IT consulting firm that can help you make the necessary transformations without wreaking havoc on your bottom line.

I won't bore you with the details of how to approach IT budgeting in your organization. I'll let the Journal of Accountancy do that for me (chill out accountants, we kid.) If you want to continue along, stumbling in the dark, definitely don't read  "A strategic approach to IT budgeting." Yes, it's the Journal of Accountancy, but it's a good read, I promise.

If you've educated yourself and you're in need of a great IT consulting partner, we know some folks who can help. Call us.