Kick-Ass Christmas Campaigns of 2014

Ah...take a deep breath. The 2014 Christmas season has come and gone. We rang in 2015 (did you see Nashville's debut?!?!?), and we're jumping in head first to resolutions.

But first, let's revisit a few of our favorite Christmas campaigns. Some made us laugh and some made us shed a tear, but they all have one thing in common, they evoke emotion. They stir a little something inside of us if only for a moment.

As marketers, we appreciate the research, time, and planning involved in making these kick-ass campaigns possible! Let's get started.

Coca Cola - Give a Little Happiness


Coca Cola and Christmas seem to go hand in hand. Why? Well, everyone knows that Santa loves Coke. At least that is what the memorable Christmas ads year after year from this major brand have told us. But this year, they simply focused on smiles.

Why was the ad successful?

  • They focus on the average Joe. It's easy for everyone to identify with someone in the ad.
  • Giving. Doesn't it make you want to go do something crazy (or simple) to make someone's day? Seeing this made us want to find out just how much Coca Cola gives back. They aim for 1% of operating income, which may not sound like a lot. But from 2002 to 2011, the total charitable giving accounted to more than $812 million...Whoa.

UPS - "Every Delivery Starts with a Wish"


The shipping giant had a hugely successful campaign this holiday season, especially on social media. The hashtag #WishesDelivered was used by customers to tweet their Christmas wishes. The wishes were approved, then posted to an interactive media wall. Get this, for every Twitter wish uploaded, UPS donated $1 to a few charities including the Boys & Girls Club of America, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Tots.

Why was the ad successful?

  • In addition to giving to the charities listed, they made wishes come true! The video above is one of these wishes, a little boy getting to drive a UPS truck. How fun! The boy's face is priceless.
  • It got people talking, tweeting, and therefore raised awareness for the charities it benefited.

Ikea - All I want for Christmas is...?

Get out the tissues for this one. It's entirely too easy to get wrapped up in gifts over the holiday season. But Ikea proves that between gifts and time with their parents, it's the latter our kids want most.

Why was the ad successful?

  • It's real. Ikea says it's "real and unscripted" and we believe them. Almost all of us at Keystone have children, and this ad was a great reminder to us that within the often materialistic society we live, our children want more soccer...more meals...more TIME with us.
  • It hits their target market of families beautifully. It's an ad to be remembered. 

John Lewis Christmas Ad - #MontyThePenguin

We all want to find love, even toy penguins. This ad depicts a little boy taking his penguin everywhere, but the penguin, seeing others in love, longs for a partner.

Why was the ad successful?

  • It shows dreams come true at Christmas time.
  • It shows the affection the boy has for his penguin. The best toys are the ones ragged from use, right?

Samsung - Home for the Holidays 

This couple has great comedic timing, and it shows as they get ready for the holidays. Dax Shepard decorates the house while a very pregnant Kristen Bell keeps close tabs (using all of Samsung's hot devices, of course). It's fun-loving!

Why was the ad successful?

  • The ad showcases Samsung devices in a family-friendly way.
  • It pokes fun at the craziness of the holidays while appealing to those who really are a bit nuts! Aren't we all holiday junkies deep down, even if we won't admit it?
  • This ad gives a sneak peek inside the lives of celebrities. It makes you wonder, is that really their house, their Christmas tree, and their cute little dogs?

Which Christmas campaigns did you enjoy this year? Let us know here by commenting or tell us on Facebook!