Super Bowl 2015 Ads

Super Bowl ads are notorious for being hilarious, gut-wrenching, or completely boring. The 2015 Super Bowl ads were grreat with brands like T-Mobile, Victoria Secret, and Budweiser. This gave BIG brands a chance to flex their muscles not only on TV, but by also launching campaigns on social media that compliment the TV spots.

Rumor has it that 30-second ad spots went for $4.5 million. Hmmm...yes, that's more than the $4 million of the 2014 Super Bowl.

To recap, here are some favorites that we saw Sunday!



Mercedes' purchased a 60-second spot featuring our old friends the Tortoise and the Hare. We saw teasers featuring Jerry Rice and thought it looked promising. You can guess that the winner most certainly be drove a Benz. We're dissapointed...

Victoria's Secret


They're baaaack.... The gals that have made the brand famous debuted the racy Valentine's campaign in a 30-second spot. Did you expect anything else? How many ways can you frame scantily clad women in pretty underoos? The tag line at the end is a little Hunger Gamesish: "Let the real games begin". Overall, we're not too impressed.

Bud Light


Whoa! We say brilliant! An average dude orders a Bud Light and the unthinkable happens. He's ushered into a life-sized game room to be a human Pac-Man! This ad targets multiple generations and was genuinely fun to watch! The Budweiser family bought 3 spots total for this Super Bowl, 2 going to the traditional Budweiser.



Save the data! Kim K. has teamed up with T-Mobile for their Super Bowl ad this year. Many of the readers of this blog are thinking "Who gives a S%$t?", and your right. But how many have secretly sought out the stars latest shenanigans? Yes, even we fall victim to curiosity at times. At least give her a smidgen of credit for poking fun at herself.

NFL - "No More" campaign


Ever since the Ray Rice incident, the NFL has been struggling to bounce back. This is their answer!. It's an ad aimed at domestic violence awareness based on a real 911 call. The ad does the trick without a bit of graphic content. Read more about the broader campaign here.


With the tag line #ItsThatEasy, past NFL stars are looking for what to do post NFL! The ad features Brett Favre, TO, and Emmitt Smith opening humorous businesses and, you guessed it, building their website through Wix. The campaign was pretty sweet with real websites, contests, and back stories to boost the campaign. Check out Favre and Carve, Double Deuce Club, and Immaculate Receptions.

Tell us your favorite!