Solid State Hard Drives: A Tale of Two Computers

Until recently, computer users had very little in the way of choice for storing files. HDDs (hard disk drives with spinning magnetic platters) have been the go-to since the mid 1980's after application sizes became too large for floppy drives. Since that time HDDs have gotten to the point that they're a commodity. The problem is HDDs can wear out over time or become damaged if dropped.

SSDs (solid state drives) do the same job but without the moving parts. They've become very popular in laptops because of the fact that laptops can easily be dropped, damaging an HDD. SSDs are now available at a price point that they're an affordable option, even in desktop computers. 

I personally use two desktop computers: one at the Keystone office and one in my home office that I'm using right now. Both are less than two years old and were purchased with HDDs. Both had become slow and unreliable to the point of causing me absolute blind rage. It was affecting my ability to work in the worst way. I remember trying to complete a Windows update on my home office PC that...well, I have no recollection of how we (me and the Keystone IT staff) finally got it to finish successfully. Restarting it either worked or ended in unplugging the whole thing for another unsatisfying trip to the office for examination. 

Mike suggested that my HDD might be damaged in some way and that we try an SSD as a solution. He said they cost a little more, but it should resolve my issues. In my experience, SSD has been an absolute game-changer. No more dragging performance. No more excruciatingly long restarts. Windows updates are reliable and fast, even on Windows 8! I simply cannot imagine going back to an HDD, no matter the cost. 

At Keystone, we're buying SSDs for our clients every chance we get. If you're experiencing a sluggish and relatively new PC, consider upgrading your HDD to SSD. It might just resolve your computer-induced rage. 

NOTE:  An old computer is an old computer. SSD will not fix a computer that is essentially better used as a boat anchor or door stop. If your PC is over four years old, consider recycling it. 


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