Business Credit Reports


Business Credit Reports needed a redesign. Over time, websites can grow and grow and get clunky and overwhelming to users. They needed to simplify the navigation and content to improve the user experience.

Specifically, we made the following a priority in the new site design:

  • Simple navigation that reorganized the content. The content was important, so we organized it so that the user was not overwhelmed when going to the site.
  • Clear and concise calls-to-action. Going along with #1, we created clear actions for users to take. Are you looking for "International Reports," looking to "Login," or wanting to try a "Free Demo?" We've made it easy to do all of this on the new website.
  • Emphasis on SEO. With keyword research in hand, we made sure that every page focused on keywords with the intent on getting traffic. 
  • Digital Marketing. Ongoing, Keystone is managing BCR's digital marketing efforts. We'll be writing blog posts, managing web content, doing SEO work, social media management and much more!

Check them out here: Business Credit Reports