by Jamie Holland

Street Dixon Rick

nashville website design

Street Dixon Rick is as professional as professional can be and a joy to work with! Like many of our clients, they were frustrated with their website. They wanted it to be flexible and to do more - quickly and easily. Keystone stepped in and gave them a website with the wow factor they were looking for.

1. They needed a website that really showed off their work. We made sure that the images were gorgeous and looked good on all devices.
2. We made sure that all text was searchable. On the old site, the text was embedded into images, which is a no-no. Google can't read text on images, therefore, it isn't searchable.
3. Updated the layout of the homepage and interior pages to a clean, crisp look and feel.
4. Added a blog.
It was important for them to feature projects and happenings, and a blog is the perfect spot for these updates.

Check them out here: Street Dixon Rick