The Symbiosis Company

nashville website design

The Symbiosis Company was founded by Bob Jacobs and is based in Brentwood, TN. At heart, Bob is a connector who works with his clients to introduce them to the right people at the right time creating lasting relationships. The website needed to generate leads for Bob's business as well as tell visitors who he is and give the why behind Symbiosis.

Here's how we accomplished this:

1. Gorgeous homepage. We are loving video to introduce a website. And this particular video of the rhino is attention grabbing and will leave you wondering "What's with the rhino?"
2. Encourage visitors to "Request a Meeting." Leads are key to his business, and Keystone made the calls-to-action prominent and easy to follow.
3. A focus on responsive and SEO. Like all websites we build, there was a focus on making sure the website looks amazing on all devices and works with search engines.

Check them out here: The Symbiosis Company and read why the rhino analogy works!