Tipping Points

Running and growing a business is difficult work, as anyone who has ever tried it can attest. Every business has numerous moving parts, each of which is vital to the health of the organization. Concentrate too long on one at the expense of the other and you'll find a new set of problems popping up in another area. Culture is one of the easiest facet of your business to ignore. Say 'culture' to some people and they think of entitled millennials or Hawaiian Shirt Day when really it's more about TPS reports. Those "meaningless exercises imposed upon employees by an inept and uncaring management." 

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Impact You podcast with Kayla Barrett of Organization Impact. During our conversation, Kayla and I discussed the intricacies of company culture and what we at Keystone are doing to improve internally...which will undoubtedly give our employees more latitude to do their jobs and improve our performance with clients. 

Check out the podcast!