IT News: WhatsApp Security Concerns

This isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, of WhatsApp security struggles.

Coming on the heels of our Hacking Series, news has dropped that the popular messaging app is being used by hackers to target users. WhatsApp has been used by hackers in India to send Word document attachments that look real, but end up being viruses that can steal personal information. Almost comical is the fact that when pulling up the WhatsApp website, the headline reads “Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging.” Hmmm…

Evidently the app isn’t as secure as they think. It’s not all resting on their shoulders, however. The original report from IBTimes doesn’t call out a specific operating system, but malware of this nature typically only works on Android (just adding to the iPhone>Android list over here). The open operating system, especially older versions, lends itself to less secure technology.

Two viruses in particular are being spread through the app and are using the names of large organizations to target users. It’s safe to say (and we’ve said it before), if you don’t know where an attachment comes from, absolutely do not open it.