5 Things to NOT Do (A Teenage Perspective)

We've enjoyed seeing Kristen Miller, Mike Miller's daughter, at the office some this summer. One day while she was here, Kristen visited each office and asked a little bit about what we all do. She was also interested in learning anything she could (love her initiative), and I mentioned that she could write a blog. So here it is - five things you should not do ... from the desk of a teenager. - Kathryn

1. OMG, like stop saying like

We all know that one person who says like in between every other word. Do not be that guy. Like is a useless substitute due to the lack of preplanning your statements. In today’s society, like has become the new um. It is just an empty space filler that makes you sound uneducated. Not to mention, everyone is tired of hearing you saying it. Now is the time to pick a new word for your vocabulary. You can thank us later.

2. Movie manners

Whether you are going to see a movie with your mom, your friends, or even your significant other, if the movie theater is not packed, do not go and sit by the only other people in the theater. If the theater is empty and people are in your favorite spot, sorry about your luck man. You should have got there sooner; do not punish the people who were there on time. 

3. News Flash: You are not a cow

Something you should not do? You should not chew food with your mouth open. Chewing food with your mouth open really grosses everybody out. When you gross everybody out, nobody will want to go out to eat with you anymore. Not to mention the sight of the nasty, but the sound is wretched as well. This rule of thumb also includes smacking your gum. Even though it does not look as nasty, it is still annoying. Spare your friends and family guys; close your mouth.

4. The awkward jammer

If you are listening to music with your friends and you are singing out loud, you cannot be mad when someone else starts singing along with you. Do not be that friend that looks at people and says, ”I didn’t call for a duet now did I?” Do not be awkward about jamming with people, just keep on singing. Rock out and have fun with your friends without being weird.

5. Hypocrites

Do not be the friend that tries to give all your friends unsolicited advice. It is nice to try to help people, but no one wants to listen to you much less take your advice on something that they did not even ask you about in the first place. If you are going to give somebody advice, tell them how to do things, tell them how to act, and do not act like that or do that thing yourself then, that makes you a hypocrite. Hypocrites just make people mad. When you make everybody mad with your bad unsolicited advice, do not be surprised when you do not have any friends left. We are saving you the heartache. Trust us on this one.