Know Your Audiences: Customer Persona Questions

You know you have audiences. You may even know that you have groups of audiences. Have you studied those audiences? We recommend developing a name, face and personality - a human example - for each audience group. These examples will help you from everything from business decisions to content development to event planning. 
Here is a list of questions to answer in order to develop a persona for each of your customer types. 

Customer Persona Work Questions

  • Where does he work? 
  • Describe her office. 
  • What is his title?
  • What are her responsibilities? 

Customer Persona Demographic Questions

  • What is her age?
  • How much money does he make?
  • What level of education does she have?
  • Who is his family? (spouse, kids, parents, friends)
  • Describe her living environment. (city, suburb, house, apartment, car, walk)
  • What are his hobbies and interests?
  • Is she healthy?

Customer Persona Interest Questions

  • Where does he go?
  • What topics interest her? 
  • How does he get his news?
  • What social media platforms is she on?
  • How much time is he on social media?
  • What websites does she visit?
  • What products does he buy?

Customer Persona Goals and Challenges Questions

  • What are his goals?
  • What keeps her up at night?
  • How can you help him?
  • What is your company's message to her?
  • What action do you want him to take?
Once you have outlined their interests, goals, and challenges, give each human example a name and face. It's fun and will be helpful as you refer to the audience in the future. 
If you have trouble answering these questions, there are things you can do: 
  • Look at Google Analytics.
  • Listen to social media.
  • Survey your customers. 
  • Interview someone you think fits the persona.
Good luck creating your own customer personas!