6 Reasons an IT Consultant is Essential

Is an IT consultant essential? Yes. Can you survive without it? Maybe.

If you think about all the service vendors your business utilizes to avoid disaster, what comes to mind first? Background checks are done to prevent a questionable hire; insurance is purchased to cover the "what ifs;" HR practices are given to employees to follow; What about technology? An IT consultant can provide valuable risk management to your business. Your network is the "brains" behind the insight and creativity of your employees. If it fails, there is a large price to pay in both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Consider these six essential purposes of an IT consultant:

1. An IT consultant provides specific expertise. Your internal network is the brain and lifeblood to your business. If something is wrong with it, you want a professional to monitor, fix and maintain it. Choosing not to use a consultant for your technology could be just as dangerous to your business as using a plumber to do your taxes.

2. Your IT consultant stays up on trends. Technology advances daily and without a skilled professional you may be missing technology that not only assists in your collaboration and communication but also could help to save costs. Consultants are continually evaluating new products for their customers to be sure they have the correct solution for each customer. We are also on top of aging technology and hardware and internet scams like this one and this one.

3. The IT consultant can identify problems quickly. Sometimes owners and employees are too close to the problem to identify what's wrong or how to fix it. A consultant can quickly get to the root of an issue by asking the right questions and, therefore, determine a course of action.

4. Your IT consultant can handle the dirty work. You are too busy to worry about whether someone is trying to hack your server or whether your data backups ran successfully last night or not. You are too busy to worry if someone in your office is going to accidentally delete critical data. Shift the worry to consultants, we design systems to reduce the worry and take on the challenges for you.

5. Consultants provide a fresh perspective. We have the ability to think outside the box and provide solutions to our clients based on what has worked or not worked for other clients.

6. A good consultant, no matter the industry, can be an extension of your business. Their focus will always be to help you move your business forward through their craft. You can always be sure their plan is to implement solutions that are in line with your goals for your business. So, you don’t have to spend time planning or researching strategies that fit your industry. If you have a plan for your business, your consultant can build a solution that fits your goals and your budget.

Can your business survive and thrive without an IT consultant? Maybe now, but not long term. Technology is ever-changing, and your business can fall behind in just a matter of a couple of years without any updates, changes or support.

We encourage all business owners to be proactive and manage their technology needs to avoid a disaster. If you're in the Nashville area and have IT questions, call Keystone.