Applications for Small Businesses To Try

As a small business owner, there is not always a ‘department' to handle various things. There’s also no room to say “that's not part of my job description.” Everything is your department and everything is in your job description. This is where having helpful applications to make your life easier make a big difference in your everyday work. Here are six applications that might be helpful: 


As a busy business owner, having one place where you can place all the random notes, to-dos and various little things that need a “home" for you to type in on-the-go and revisit later. Evernote is a great place to use on your desktop and have as an app on your mobile device that automatically syncs and is a great place to keep thoughts, details, notes, et cetera in the cloud. As a bonus, you can also share notes with other users and collaborate on notes as a team. Evernote has many features for free, with additional features and capabilities with a paid version.


In today's increasingly visual world, good quality graphics is key to marketing your company. Many small business owners would love to have a graphic design department for the various graphics we need to help market our business. From social media to email marketing, online ads and even to print graphics - Canva can help you develop impressive graphics to use for your business. Canva’s web application makes it easy to create pre-made or custom graphics for free or cheap. Most of the design features are free. If you choose certain paid designs, icons or illustrations you can usually download a high-quality version of the graphic you create for $1-$3 and the download is good for 24 hours.


Dropbox is also an easy-to-use way for teams to collaborate and for file-sharing within a company and externally to clients. Dropbox can be free up to a certain space limit, but is also very inexpensive for all you can use it for. Files stored in Dropbox are stored in-the-cloud but also create a local copy on your computer or device. This means if for some reason you are not connected to the internet you will still have access to your files as of the most recent time Dropbox synced. Dropbox can also be installed your mobile device so you can have access to on-the-go which can make flexibility and quick business transactions a smooth process. We don't recommend this for a long-term file system, but it is great for temporary files.


We know small business owners, no matter what industry you work in, are often times on the go. We also know team communication needs to continue and can be hard to keep up with during a busy schedule. For quick messages that don’t necessarily need a phone call but need to be shared with others, Voxer is a great messaging app to put in place for your team. Texting while on the go is distracting and a big no-no while driving, which is why Voxer as an audio messaging app works well.

Voxer works similar to a walkie talkie and records your audio messaging and automatically sends to the person you are messaging. On the receiving end, the person you’re chatting with hears the audio message you just recorded instantly and can respond back the same way. While the new iPhone’s have a voice to text and audio message capability, Voxer can be great for any team that does not have the exact same type of phone across the board. As a basic audio messaging app, Voxer is free as a basic messaging app and has many additional features with the paid version.


With smartphone cameras producing more high-quality photos, taking clear photos of documents has never been easier. With CamScanner you can take a photo of a document as separate images, combine them and turn them into a PDF document to easily share. This also makes an additional purchase of an office scanner unnecessary. (Any time you can save money by not purchasing an unnecessary item as a small business owner is a plus!) CamScanner is free for your basic file creating services and also has a paid premium version.


Any time you can make life easier as a small business owner, the more you can focus on your business. We hope the above applications can help make your life easier and increase productivity and focus in your business!