by Keystone

5 Top Tech Stories for June

Here are some hot tech stories from June 2016: 

Google’s Local 3-Pack Now Includes Paid Listings: Not getting enough local search listing love from Google? You can now buy your way into the top 3.  

Google ads hacking notifications: Google ups their efforts to alert users about compromised websites by flagging the domain in Google Analytics. One more reason to review your analytics!  

Twitter hack: More passwords hacked and leaked? If you’re not already using a password manager, do it now!! 

Windows 10 will get its first major update on August 2nd, and it’s free: The Verge buried the lede…it should be:  Upgrade to Windows 10 now (from 7 or 8.1) or you’re going to have to pay after August 2!

Microsoft buys LinkedIn: Micrsoft + LinkedIn, sitting in a tree…business…i-n-g.