Before You Hit Send: Things to Double Check in Marketing Emails

We’ve all received marketing emails that had an obvious typo or broken link — and the obligatory follow-up “I’m sorry” email. Mistakes happen, but there are some things marketers should always double check before hitting send.
Work these five things into a checklist to make sure your marketing emails stay error free and support your overall marketing strategy without any hiccups.

1. Content

Spelling mistakes and typos are super common, so always have someone proofread your email. Spell check is not enough! The more eyes on the content, the less likely an embarrassing typo will make it through to the final version. Never forget to check your email subject line for typos too!
You should also have an approval process for design, content, spelling and grammar. A consistent process will help reduce errors.

2. Links

Check all of an email’s links during testing and approval. Nothing is worse than sending out a great offer with a link that goes to the wrong landing page or even to no landing page. Don’t forget to check social media links as well.

3. Formatting and Images

Formatting on marketing emails is critical. They need to be easy to skim on a computer or mobile device. Avoid long blocks of text and use bullet points, bold and italics to highlight important phrases in your email. Colors and fonts should be easy to read.
In today’s world, we read email at all times of day and on all kinds of devices. That means you need to check your images to make sure they render correctly on smaller or larger platforms.

4. Metadata

Make sure the sender name and email match and make sense for the content you’re sending. The email should look like it’s coming from a real person and not a robot. You can also edit the preview text that pops up in software like Microsoft Outlook, so recipients know what the email is about before opening it.
When images don’t load in your reader’s inbox, they’ll see your alt tags, so make sure they make sense. If your email is one large image, the alt tags will have to include the content.  

5. Plain Text Version

Some email clients can be set to automatically open emails in plain text. Your software can probably auto-populate a plain text version of your email, but you should still go through it to fix alignment errors and remove weird HTML code that is sometimes left in the body of the email.
These tips can help keep your emails clean, concise and looking great. When in doubt, check everything one more time. You never want to mess up a marketing strategy with a bad email.